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"Every now and again, a young spitfire artist comes along to change the game, or at least up the ante. Lewis does both"

American Blues Scene 1/8/2021    Full Article here

"You Ain't Unlucky" sounds great.

Her voice is outstanding. She's a natural.

Veronica will make it as far as she wants to go in the biz. "

Brian M. Owens, Metronome Magazine - Boston

“Veronica’s talents are so moving and evident in “You Ain’t Unlucky”

“She is just so good at what she does!

She has matured to the echelon of my favorite piano players like,

Marcia, Pinetop, Anthony, Honey & Victor.”

John Hall, Rhythm Room Entertainment & Concert Promoter

New England Blues Summit, North River Blues Fest, Green Harbor Blues , Aquapolooza Boston

"Great Voice. Great Song. ("You Ain't Unlucky")

I dig the piano and the sax.   

Love the interplay Veronica has between her voice and her piano playing"

A.J.  Wachtel, Entertainment Journalist

"Veronica's performances are emotional and spontaneous"

Elf Magazine


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