Blues Artist of The Year 2020 Winner  

Debut Blues/Americana

Album Releasing

 FEB  2021


"Every now and again, a young spitfire artist comes along to change the game, or at least up the ante. Lewis does both"  


Veronica Lewis,17, releases Debut Blues/Roots album

"You Ain't Unlucky"  DROPS FEB 2021

Call It Roots, Call it The Blues, Call It What You Will - It’s 100% Veronica Lewis:  and she delivers big with her debut album, “You Ain’t Unlucky” on Blue Heart Records. It's an uplifting, authentic, and original message to the world at a time when we need it most. 


A seasoned pro and award winner at 17, Veronica rocks the piano and electrifies audiences with music that’s exciting and energetic, yet rhythmically complex and challenging. Her strong, expressive voice is punctuated with a light and delicate vibrato, belying her age.    Blues progressions are a launching point, evolving into original songs with stories that are both thought provoking and humorous.  Veronica’s soaring vocals and serious keyboard chops will get you moving, while serving it all up with a little New Orleans gumbo filé rhythm on the side. Her tight, straight-ahead trio of piano, drums, and sax delivers a stunningly “full-on” sound made for dancing, as Veronica belts out a message made to heal the soul.

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"You Ain't Unlucky" sounds great. 

Her voice is outstanding. She's a natural.

Veronica will make it as far as she wants to go in the biz. "


Brian M. Owens, Metronome Magazine - Boston

“Veronica’s talents are so moving and evident in “You Ain’t Unlucky”

 “She is just so good at what she does!

I have witnessed her progression for the past 5 years.

She has matured to the echelon of my favorite piano players like, Marcia, Pinetop, Anthony, Honey & Victor.”


John Hall, Rhythm Room Entertainment & Concert Promoter 

New England Blues Summit, North River Blues Fest, Aquapolooza Boston

"Great Voice. Great Song. ("You Ain't Unlucky")

I dig the piano and the sax.   

Love the interplay Veronica has between her voice and her piano playing"


A.J.  Wachtel, Entertainment Journalist

"Veronica's performances are emotional and spontaneous"

Elf Magazine 

"Her piano playing has “the power of a thunder storm in the Delta.”

 Town Common Magazine 

"At 16, Veronica has already been playing a decade -and the shows keep coming" 

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You Ain't Unlucky single 300dpi.jpg


The album art is designed by Carol Basset, HYPE, Rochester, NY.

The packaging is done in an Eco-Friendly 6 panel wallet folder.

Photo Credit:

Las Vegas Sign Museum, Las Vegas, NV

shots by N. Leotta

 Portraits in camo dress by Benjamin Esakoff. 

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6 panel eco cd wallet
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