2021 Blues Blast Music Awards 
"Sean Costello Rising Star"
"Best New Artist Debut Album"

Blues Artist of The Year 2020 Winner  

Debut Blues/Americana

Album Out Now



"Every now and again, a young spitfire artist comes along to change the game,

or at least up the ante.

Lewis does both"  



Veronica Lewis,17, releases Debut Blues/Roots album

"You Ain't Unlucky"  Releases FEB 19 2021


Call It Roots, Call it The Blues, Call It What You Will - It’s 100% Veronica Lewis:  and she delivers big with her debut album, “You Ain’t Unlucky” on Blue Heart Records. It's an uplifting, authentic, and original message to the world at a time when we need it most. 


A seasoned pro and award winner at 17, Veronica rocks the piano and electrifies audiences with music that’s exciting and energetic, yet rhythmically complex and challenging. Her strong, expressive voice is punctuated with a light and delicate vibrato, belying her age.    Blues progressions are a launching point, evolving into original songs with stories that are both thought provoking and humorous.  Veronica’s soaring vocals and serious keyboard chops will get you moving, while serving it all up with a little New Orleans gumbo filé rhythm on the side. Her tight, straight-ahead trio of piano, drums, and sax delivers a stunningly “full-on” sound made for dancing, as Veronica belts out a message made to heal the soul.

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"Every now and again a young spitfire artist comes along and changes the game or least ups the ante. Lewis does both."— American Blues Scene


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"Veronica Lewis dominates with confident throwback sound on debut 'You Ain't  Unlucky'...REMEMBER HER NAME. She's going to be here for a while with a career that's already off to an outrageous start."


"It's not every day, nor even every decade that the blues world gets churned up by a talented, spirited newcomer such as pianist, and singer -songwriter, Veronica Lewis"

Rock and Blues Muse

The fire and passion emanating out of this young woman’s fingertips is frighteningly impressive, move over Jerry Lee ‘cos a new Lewis is in town.

"You Ain't Unlucky" heralds the arrival on the scene of a major piano talent who seems equally at home across the gamut of blues and roots styles." BLUES BLAST

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Veronica Lewis, 17, gives rock, blues a fresh spin; she just might kickstart a new Generation Z trend and get the world to fall in love with boogie woogie piano, blues swagger and golden age rock 'n' roll."

The Boston Herald

"Flaming vitality to every song on this record." "Percussive, muscular and mercurial!"

Rock and Blues Muse

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High Praise from 





for Veronica  Lewis' Debut album

"You Ain't Unlucky"

American Song Writer

   Full Article here

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"Gifted with a voice that combines power with an elastic range, Lewis delivers a program centered around her original compositions, all of which nod to tradition...You Ain't Unlucky, a charming gem currently generating airplay, announces the arrival of a young talent who can belt out a narrative with authority and pound out a piano solo with marvelous muscularity." DOWNBEAT

"Surprising debut, self assured and mature from 17 year old Blues Lady, positively working the keyboard and with enough git in her voice to keep the edge in place"


"The talented Veronica Lewis, has developed her own and unique style in a very short period of time. Blues, roots, rock and roll or R&B, nothing is foreign to her."  Keys and Chords

"With the stars within her reach, Veronica Lewis has the talent and affect to become one of Boston's most beloved acts. Bravo!" — Metronome Magazine

"You Ain't Unlucky" sounds great.  Her voice is outstanding. She's a natural.

Veronica will make it as far as she wants to go in the biz."  Metronome Magazine - Boston

"You Ain’t Unlucky is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a decade. It's everything a blues fan could hope for and more." Bill Wilson, Reflections in Blue

"...the only thing Lewis doesn't do here is bring home the bacon and fry it in a pan. That's because she's busy raising the roof. Put this down as one of your auspicious debuts." Midwest Records

"Her delicate vibrato voice with her superb honky-tonk piano skills, combined with sax and drums make this self-produced debut album a pearler. I take my hat off to this young lady, who's blown me away."

Big Daddy Davo,STAR FM, Tasmania



"Lewis an undeniable force with a robust, wide-ranging, playful voice. She shows off her voice without showing off, keeping a rhythmic melody throughout the eight songs on her self-produced debut. Call her the Boogie-Woogie Whiz Kid." — Tim Parsons,







"Ms. Lewis is a revelation—her grasp of just-how-much to wail on her vocals above the irresistible piano playing makes for great listening...Veronica makes the songs breathe..."

Talkin' the Blues with Microwave Dave on WLRH/WJAB FMs Huntsville, AL and WUTC FM Chattanooga, T

"Mark this album, from now on, as one of the Best of 2021." Historias del Blues

"Lewis delivers an uplifting recording as she sings and rocks on her piano. She paints herself an auspicious debut that promises much more from this engaging new artist." MAKING A SCENE

"Veronica's dynamic keyboard work is not for the faint of heart, with fiery vocals to match. It's almost hard to tell what drives the music more: her raucous piano or her quicksilver vocals...Her left hand works the bass lines with devilish authority. Her right hand floats like a butterfly and stings like a fistful of bees...Did I mention that she is 17 years old?"

 Blues Roadhouse

"Her debut album, You Ain't Unlucky (Blue Heart Records), is fabulous, showing a preternatural talent with the chance to become a star in the music business." BluesBYTES

"It is by deploying all her talent and all her energy that Veroncia Lewis comes to us, offering on a silver platter a treasure of the first order in which the blues are tinted with colors coming from the deepest roots of the genre but also an elegant touch of soul",

ZIC A ZAC ~ France

'When she uses her voice, an elastic and ubiquitous vibrato  hits you from many sides, Veronica whirls between the notes like a gymnast on rings. Perhaps transforming the paradoxical " Is You Is My Baby " (with which everyone from BB King to Joe Jackson, from Dinah Washington to Diana Krall) into something that its author, Louis Jordan, could not have foreseen: variations , trespassing, experimentation." Zete Emme ~ Italy

"You Ain't Unlucky" is the surprising rocking debut of the punchy, from behind her piano relentlessly, Veronica Lewis. You don't have to write it on your stomach or God knows where, because one thing is for sure, we will definitely gone hear a lot more nice things from this young lady!...“  ROOTS TIME ~ Belgium


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The album art is designed by Carol Basset, HYPE, Rochester, NY.

The packaging is done in an Eco-Friendly 6 panel wallet folder.

Photo Credit:

Las Vegas Sign Museum, Las Vegas, NV

shots by N. Leotta

 Portraits in camo dress by Benjamin Esakoff. 

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6 panel eco cd wallet
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